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How to add tasks to a track
How to add tasks to a track

Learn how to use PlusPlus tasks to direct team members to specific actions within a track.

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As an admin or content owner you want to direct people to a specific action within a track.


You can add a task to a track to direct team members to a specific action. Tasks only exist within tracks, allowing you to integrate them into a sequential learning path without cluttering your Catalog with task-based articles. You can direct team members to set up their home office space, read an important onboarding document, and knock out more to-do items associated with the track.

To add a task to a track:

  1. Access the track you want to add a task to.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Edit.

  3. Open the Track Items and click the add content button (plus sign button).

    The Add Content to Track dialog opens.

  4. Click Create and select Task from the menu.
    Set the Content Type filter to Task and search for the task Name to add an existing task.

  5. For a new task, give add a Title.

  6. Add a task Description.
    This can include the content of a document you want the learner to read, links to web content you want them to engage, and so on.

  7. Publish & Add the task.
    The task is added to the track.

  8. Optionally, drag and drop the task on the left side of the Track Items page to reorder it within the track.

Go deeper

What’s the difference between tasks and articles?

The key difference between tasks and articles is that articles are discoverable in the Catalog and tasks are not. If you want team members to discover a piece of written content, create an article. If the content only applies within the track and you don’t need or want team members to discover it on their own outside the track, add the content to a track as a task. Also, you have the option to allow or disallow people marking articles as complete after they’ve read them. Tasks are always completable, meaning they can always be marked as complete.

If you have articles within tracks that you’d like to remove from the Catalog and confine to the track, you can easily convert the article to a task. For more on this, see How to convert articles to tasks (and vice versa).

Directly assigning tasks

If you’ve added a new task to a track and want to assign it to team members who have already completed the track, re-assign the track to them rather than attempting to assign the task directly. Currently, tasks have a direct assignment option, but it is not functional and will be removed at a later date.

Note that for other track content (events, courses, videos, and articles), you can assign track steps directly to someone who has already completed the track.

Also, please be aware that all tasks inside a track will show as hidden, however, they can be seen within the track by all users including regular users. Currently this cannot be changed.

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