This article is best for program managers, hosts and coaches. Too small? Click here. Common Programs include office hours, 1-on-1s, coaching, and mentoring circles.

Sessions are one-on-one appointments, designed to stimulate relationships between new employees and senior professionals.

The Programs module allows you to schedule less formal one-on-one appointments, such as office hours or coaching sessions.

Similar to the Mentorship module, the individual appointments are called Sessions; however, the content is organized in Programs (e.g Coaching for Managers, Office Hours, etc).

Much like the Events module, you can use the Programs as templates for the individual Sessions created from them.

We refer to those creating Program sessions as Hosts. A Program can have sessions from more than one host, and a coach can provide sessions for more than one program.

Your people can browse the available Programs in the Programs tab.

Note: Sessions created in Programs will not appear in Mentorship, and vice versa.

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