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PlusPlus 101: Cultivate coaching and mentorship through peer programs
PlusPlus 101: Cultivate coaching and mentorship through peer programs

Learn how PlusPlus lets you offer coaching and mentorship programs and easily connect experts to those who want to learn from them

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Why use peer programs?

Peer programs let team members gain insights and learn new skills from a coach or mentor within a particular area of their work. Experts can offer programs covering everything from career advancement to particular technical capacities, facilitating well-matched, highly-impactful, and long-term enablement relationships in your org.

How peer programs work

Create a peer program

Experts gain the opportunity to coach or mentor other team members by creating a peer program focused on a particular mission, like welcoming women in tech or mentoring new managers. You can define the topics you want to cover in the program sessions, determine the number of people allowed to attend a session, and more.

Schedule sessions

Once a peer program is in place, experts schedule program sessions that other team members can discover and book. You can even assign people to a peer program session to introduce coaches/mentors to team members directly.

Start teaching!

When people book peer program sessions, the coaching/mentorship relationship is underway and can continue with flexibility or with clear goals and directions in place, whatever suits the relationship or particular org directives.

Go deeper

Peer programs in the big PlusPlus picture

Peer programs are just one of the ways PlusPlus helps you facilitate live, relational engagement that keeps your org growing and learning from its experts. We also offer live events and office hours, as well as self-paced learning content, such as videos, articles, and courses.

Take a closer look at all the content types available in PlusPlus for both live engagement and self-paced content.

Peer programs v. office hours

We use the term session to apply to both peer programs and office hours. Office hour sessions are designed to unblock people by getting them in direct contact with an expert who knows how to help. Office hours are usually more of a one-off situation, while peer programs are meant to facilitate ongoing enablement relationships.

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